This weekend, I was in rare form since I started to debate with someone on Facebook about what actually constitutes Socialism.  This was after they made some blow hard statement about racism that somehow changed into socialism but was really a rant about Obama.  Then later at a picnic, some other idiot started blustering about how no one will  invest in bonds because of how the government took over the car industry.  So, the government has never done anything like this before?  Give me a break.  Try Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman.  Learn your history.

These people just spew what they hear on Fox News and they assume that everyone agrees with them.  Normally at a family function I would just walk away, but this time, having just gotten off of the previous mentioned debate, I couldn’t help myself.  Plus this guy comes to every one of these picnics and let’s his kid bug everyone else there.  So basically after I told him he was full of crap, in a completely intellectual way, he got up and walked away.   I then apologized to those at my table for not remaining the meek woman that I’m supposed to be.  They just laughed.

Why do these people (it seems men in particular) think that they can just go around reciting Fox News and that everyone should just allow them to do so?  I’m tired of this.  We people who do not agree with this propaganda need to get angry and fight back.  To hell with politeness.  It didn’t work while Bush was in office and it’s obviously not working now.  I have personally made a promise to myself that when someone is saying these things in front of me, I will confront them.  If they have better facts then me, great!  At least that means they’re thinking for themselves.  More than likely, however, I will win the battle.  They will never concede, but maybe they’ll shut up for a while.