I had an interesting conversation with my son the other day.  He wrote a blog entry about something that had occurred in his life and mentioned that he had called a girl a “ho.”  Well, this feminist mom was not going to stand for that!  I made him promise me that he would never call a woman that again.  He said the she was a demon from who knows where and I said fine, I’d prefer you call her that.  Which led to, “You’d rather I call her that?”  I had to go on to explain that whore was a word that was used to oppress women and limit their choices and has been used for centuries for those reasons.  It is ok for a man to have sex with multiple partners and while there is now the term “man-ho,” it is still used with an “atta boy” attitude.  Why is it ok for men to make this choice, but if a woman owns her sexuality and chooses to have more than one partner, she is a bad person?  Why?

It forces women to be the gatekeepers of morality while men can go ahead and behave however they would like, without circumstances.  It is shaming language that is only used against women, for which there are no equivalents to use for men.  If having multiple sexual partners is immoral, then the language should reflect that in a non-gender way, but it does not. 

Therefore, my son has promised me he will never use that word again and I trust that he will not because he respects women, his mother in particular 🙂