Well it’s Monday and I need to post something but I have nothing to say.  Work has been busy, which is good.  I have not been feeling well lately, which is bad.  Hopefully just the crappy weather.  Can’t wait for the semester to start so I have some intellectual discussion every week.  I have already read one book for the class and it is going to be a good one.  However, with graduation so close, I feel pressure to decide what I want to be when I grow up and I can not see past my experience as an administrative assistant. 

Perhaps being an administrative assistant is what is best for me.  After all, I am very good at it and I have always been considered a valuable member of any team for which I have worked.  Did I really need to get my degree to continue that work?  Probably, the job market is tightening and I have the feeling the truly challenging administrative jobs will require it.  And perhaps, my perfect job is out there, somewhere.  It may even be where I am now, only time will tell.  Realistically, I would have always regretted it had I not gotten my degree anyway and I am proud to say that not only will I be graduating, but with highest honors and I won a research scholarship to boot.  So, if I only ever just finish it, I can be proud.  There is nothing wrong with taking care of others, which is what I do as an admin, as a wife and as a mother.