So, it’s been almost a month since I was last here.  I had started the blog again in the hopes that I would post at least once a week.  I joined the club at Whole Foods hoping that I’d take yoga at least twice a week – that’s happened once.  I wanted to be under 190 lbs, that’s happened for one day.  I just don’t seem to have much “stick-to-it” ness going on in my life right now.  I guess you could say, I’m still tired. 

Will it do me any good to set goals when I don’t seem to stick with them?  Am I too hard on myself?  I know that second question is true.  I rarely give myself credit for anything.  I have been trying to change that, but still a work in progress.   I guess the only way to find out is to set some definitive goals instead of just having some ideas floating around in my head.  If I give them to you, I will be held accountable (since I know my sister always reads my posts 🙂 )  Here goes:

1.  I want to finish the quilt that I started for my nephew Lucas and also my nieces Eliana and Kerrington.  My stated goal is to finish in order to give them at Easter when the family is together.  Kerrington’s might be a stretch (still a little piecing to do) but there is no excuse for not finishing the others.

2.  I will post to this blog at least every other week.  We’ll start there and hopefully work up to more time.

3.  I want to get below 190 and stay there.  I will set lower goals, but first I need to hit this one.

4.  I will take some form of exercise class at least once a week.  I’d love to do four, but at this point, one would be a great success.

So, there are my goals for March.  They are a good place to start.  Oh, I have one more!  My son bought me two books on Feminism for Christmas and I’ve only read one of them, Woman by Natalie Angier (I highly recommend it to everyone).  My final goal for March will be to finish reading The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir.

Let’s see if having something to accomplish will help move me forward.  In fact, I will revisit this at the end of March and reevaulate for April.  Perhaps this will be the right way to stay on track.